Brick Pressure Washing in Jacksonville

Joseph M Kunz Services is Jacksonville’s foremost expert in brick power washing. As an established power washing company, we have amassed a large fleet of specialized equipment that allows us to get into tight and hard to reach places to produce top results in very little time. We take our reputation for being the best pressure washer in town very seriously. Our commitment to getting it just right for you is reflected in:

  • Low rates and value-driven quotes with no hidden surprises
  • Impeccable customer service at every point of interaction
  • Efficient project management
  • Innovative troubleshooting
  • Gorgeous finished results
  • Full licensing, bonding and insurance
  • A polite, friendly staff who put your needs first

The Secret Behind Power Washing Brick Properly

If power washing brick was a walk in the park, everyone would do it themselves. Let us caution you against taking these measures yourself without the proper tools and training. There are a number of hazards and unexpected costs that can arise from slip ups, even if you are using the best pressure washer on the market. Without the right nozzle heads, you could be left with noticeable striping that can actually make surfaces look dirtier than they had originally. Here is a list of some of the top tips we have compiled for pressure washing brick on a house or driveway:

  1. Check the cleaning nozzle to make sure it is the best tool for the job at hand. For example, round disks are better for cleaning large areas as well as more delicate materials like bricks and mortar.
  2. Make sure the nozzle is the correct distance from the bricks, so mortar is not in danger of being removed.
  3. Adjust the psi. A lower pressure and hot water is a much gentler way to get the same excellent results and guarantees each brick (and all of your mortar) will remain intact.

Did Your Driveway Pressure Washer Leave Streaks? We Can Fix This Fast

It may seem like a good idea to rent an exterior brick cleaner and spend the weekend figuring out how to pressure wash a house but let us caution you against this. First, renting the right equipment for pressure washing brick in Jacksonville can add up fast, and without the right experience and proper safety training, things can start to go downhill fast. Even the best pressure washer on the market can do a world of expensive and irreversible damage in the wrong hands. Here are some of the most common driveway pressure washer problems we encounter when we are called in to correct work done by weekend warriors and do-it-yourselfers:

  1. Gouges in the driveway surface
  2. The concrete pressure washer left streaks on the driveway.
  3. Not all of the undesirable material was removed.
  4. The mortar has been blown straight out of the bricks because of incorrect cleaning techniques.
  5. The sealant is not effective because all debris was not removed before application.

Don’t take any risks with your hard-earned investment or waste time waiting around all day for another crew to show up to do the work. Call Jacksonville’s top recommended brick pressure washing professionals to request a free quote now.